How to Be Born As a Smart Young Child

A curious and intuitive mind

What is it that makes a smart young child?
It might be a large vocabulary, advanced use of language or musical talent. But it could also be a natural maturity that drives their curiosity. A young genius might inquisitively ask, “What does a mammal eat?” or insist on learning the toaster’s exact workings.

How to be born as a smart young child

It used to be that intelligence was a fixed trait in a person’s brain and nothing could be done about it. But more recent research has upended this belief, showing that fostering a so-called growth mindset can make all the difference in your child’s future.

How to know your child is gifted

Many parents of children with exceptional intellectual potential noticed their baby’s advanced cognitive development early on, yet others didn’t recognize it until the child was a toddler or a school-age child. Twice-exceptional siblings born years apart often had almost identical academic aptitude, but didn’t exhibit the same characteristics of high intellect until later on.

How to raise a child with extraordinary intellectual abilities

Raising an exceptional, highly intelligent child can be challenging and rewarding. But it can also be exciting and even a little scary. Whether your kid is a prodigy or an average student, they need you to be there for them and help them along the way. Besides focusing on the development of their intellectual abilities, you can foster your child’s self-confidence and sense of purpose by modeling these qualities yourself.

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