The Best Battles of the Animal World

Animals Are More Than Just Pets

Throughout the history of warfare, animals have been used to help wreak havoc on other creatures. From the Roman Empire to modern day, there have been many instances where a brave wild animal has fought to defend its life or kill its enemies.

The Best Battles of the Animal World

It’s no secret that some of nature’s most deadly fighters are top predators! From monitor lizards to honey badgers, these fiercest predators show just how much power and strength they have.

The monitor lizard, for example, is known for its ferocious defensive abilities and a neck skin that’s a quarter of an inch thick. Its venomous fangs can sting even the strongest of humans, making it a formidable enemy.

Meanwhile, the honey badger is a master of counter-boxing and can be a devastating weapon against its prey. It also has an impressive range of attacks, including a stomp that can break its opponent’s bones.

But the honey badger may have underestimated its adversary. The monitor lizard is also known for its fearsome jaws, able to tear through a lion’s hide in just one bite.

Wolves are another animal that have proven themselves to be capable of striking a deadly blow. They have the ability to exert twice the pressure of a German Shepherd’s bite and they have plenty of experience fighting with each other in the wild.

But despite their incredible strength and venomous fangs, they are not the strongest animals in the world. A 2021 YouGov poll asked people to imagine they were in a fight with an unarmed animal and surprisingly, 6% of Americans think that they could defeat a grizzly bear.

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