100 Craziest Animal Encounters Of All Time

100 Craziest Animal Encounters Of All Time

Some animal encounters are so eye-popping that they’re unforgettable. We’re talking half-hidden giraffes, lounging polar bears, and what looks like interesting conversations between beetles and rabbits.

When you’ve been up close to some of these animals, it really can change your perspective on the world around you. It’s something we all need to do more of, especially in a world where so many creatures are suffering from a lack of habitat and food.

One of the most famous eye-to-eye moments is probably Aldo Leopold’s encounter with a wolf, which changed his conservation mindset forever. You can still see the effect of this encounter on people, even if you’ve never met a wolf.

Sometimes the underdog wins, and that’s what we saw when a loggerhead turtle got the better of an aggressive tiger shark off a remote beach in Western Australia. Video captured by professional drone operator Jack Garnett shows the turtle repeatedly using its shell to roll over the attacking shark in clear blue water near the Winderabandi coastline.

It was a pretty incredible moment, but it was also scary and unexpected. Fishermen who were out fishing off the coast of New Jersey in October had quite the fish tale to tell when they nearly hit a massive breaching whale.

It’s the kind of thing that can make your eyes well up with tears and your stomach churn at the same time. It’s also a truly amazing wildlife experience and one you won’t want to miss.

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